Self storage investment

Entrepreneurs, self storage companies; invest Turkey

A new concept for Turkish people. It will expand very rapid soon. foreigners invest a lot to real estate projects in Turkey. It is perfect  time to Invest to open a self storage facility as we are the pioneer of this sector.  First comes first goes..

Foreign Self Storage companies or entrepreneurs; Buy our facility...

  • Own this property with your brand name
  • Or be our partner and lets go together on the next facilities in Turkey

Purchase a land or a Real estate according to our advices... or you have it one?

  • Those who want to convert their properties to have high rental yields;
  • We appeal to real estate owners. Please contact us if you would like to have a high rental property.
  • Garage floors of shopping malls, entrance or garage floors of plazas and hotels, supermarkets, busy road shops. Parking areas of newly built sites The transformation of your new construction or an old place should be just like our first place.
  • We, as FRANCHISE, or we can undertake ALL OPERATIONS.Installing a New Self Storage Alone;You can also hire this without renting a place.


  • It is also possible to create your own brand and benefit from the know-how of our company by creating an independent name. We can do all feasibility, project, design and consultancy works for the facility to be established
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