merkezi-konm-icoThe Unique Living Mini Self Storage Facility in the Centrum


Situated in the center of Istanbul, Sisli, the possibility to easily reach  your private self storage unit withholding your personal belongings. 10 minutes drive in a radius of 5 mile.

  • You can feel yourself just like you rent a place in a shopping mall or a 5 star office building plaza.
  • Baggage reclaim or box deposit hourly, daily or monthly periods
  • No need to use your company as a warehouse. use it as your office, market or hobby room.

merkezi-konm-ico   The difference between other storage facilities

          you can neither live nor work in outher standart storage facilities. you can not use as your office or hobby room the standart ones. you can only store your belongings. those are situated on the outer limits of the city. It is a waste of time to reach outerbond storages, but we are just 10 minutes away from your office or home. you can reach every day without trafic at any time. It is all your all your space, you never pay extra cost for additional items that you want to store. It is not a household graveyard, it is a mini self storage.It is better to sell your property if you are not going to use them when you need instead of paying rent. Though, you need to be very close to your items, where the storage nearby you.


  FREE Parking For Customers

   Can you imagine a free parking lot in the center of İstanbul? Instead of this enabling you to easily unload, carry and store your goods.


   Our Working Hours

Our rental storage department working hours are between 08.00-19.00 every day. Exept Sundays and official holidays

havalandirma  Air Flow to all Units

Fresh air flow through the ducks to all units seperately

gven  Insurance & Safety

  • Every unit is insured against basic risks. In addition, you can benefit from our extended insurance policy service.
  • Security is provided with cameras placed in interior and exterior strategic points. These special face recognition featured HD cameras will tape 24/7.

malzeme  Storage Supplies

In order to facilitate your storing process, you may purchase supplies like boxes, duck tape , packaging etc... from our supplies store.

fotokopi   WIFI, Scan, Fax

 Access to WIFI, Scan, Fax tools in order to facilitate your urgent business needs.

yardimci    Storage Supervisor

  You may require a mover for your belongings to place in our storage. We have contracted Transport company for this service and we are ready to give all information about the cost and the conditions 

diger    Cargo Storage

We can collect your cargo on behalf of you and store it until you come to place it in your unit. We can also inform you via phone or WhatsApp upon its arrival.


19 Mayıs Mah. Hamit Kaplan Sok. No:2/A Şişli/İSTANBUL
Phone Number : +90 444 69 31